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50 Watt Solar Panel With Charge Controller

The 50 Watt solar Panel is unequaled for the home or office that need high and high performance, With a Charge controller, this solar Panel can keep you on your feet for many hours of battery life.

50 Watt Solar Panel With Charge Controller Amazon

The 50 Watt solar Panel With Charge Controller is valuable for people With a low powerwall or without an outlet for charging their solar panels, this solar Panel provides a rating of 12 volts and is high-quality With a Controller that provides a pwm (power through mat) Charge to the solar panels. This makes your solar Panel last even longer and improve your power usage, this Panel renders a pwm Charge Controller that keeps it in check, keeping your bills under control. This solar Panel imparts a low-noise level and is able to store just 30 minutes of juice, it is furthermore multi-purpose solar Panel as it can be used for security and as a back-up battery. This 50 w Watt solar Panel offers an 12 v output so it can be used in head-to-head competition or in the home or office for powering your computer or phone, it provides a pwm bus Charge Controller to help keep your battery as healthy as possible, and it renders a warm orange colour to make it easier to see.