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Go Power 160 Watt Solar Panel

The series of solar panels is a splendid solution for an admirer who needs power, with an overlander-style deck it can be said that the solar Panel is designed to take care of all your Power needs. This solar Panel presents a weight of just 190 Watt which makes it an ideal solution for shoppers who need Power without sacrificing performance.

Go Power 160w Solar Panel

The Go Power 82182 overlander-e is a heavy-duty solar paneler that is enticing for day outdoors use, this solar paneler presents an 190 Watt solar paneler that can Power your vehicle up to 20 miles per day. Plus, it offers an included 3-year warranty that makes this is an outstanding way for shoppers who need a durable and reliable solar paneler, the Go Power 82182 is an 8-seed solar Panel that is designed to Power your outdoor activities with up to 190 Watt hours per day. It is first-rate for people who yearn to enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank, the Panel is manufactured with in and making it basic to read. The Go Power 82182 is in like manner water resistant for your protection, this Go Power solar Panel is an 190 Watt solar Panel that is unequaled for a small home or office. With this Panel you can get Power up to 100 miles per day, this is a top-grade Panel for people who are digging to save energy and make use of the sun. The series renders a variety of options that can fit many different needs, making it an unequaled surrogate for admirers who desiderate to Go Power their home or office with solar energy.