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Mc4 Connectors For Solar Panel Extension Cable Wire

Our Mc4 Connectors For solar Panel Extension Cable Wire are 10 awg and are fantastic fit For your solar panel, they are durable and will not corrode over time. The 10 awg version of the Connectors is a top-notch surrogate For a suitor who wants the best solar Panel Extension cable.

Solar Panel Wire Color Code

This is a solar Panel Wire color code, 10 awg stands For "10 gauge". This type of Wire is specific to solar Panel extensions and constitutes 10% of the draw of the electrical wiring of your home, if you're hunting For a solar Panel Wire with a higher grade of Wire (the Wire used in high-end macintosh computers), then 1 pairs Extension adaptor y branch 1 to 6 Cable Wire adaptor For solar is the Wire For you. The 10 awg solar Panel Extension Cable is a high quality Cable that is valuable For extended Cable management For your solar panels, this Cable is conjointly low enough to be used with standard 6-32 screws. These Connectors are For the solar Panel Extension Cable Wire adaptor that goes with every new solar panel, they allow you to connect an additional pair of wires to the network like no other. They also have a black color, but the regular Connectors are not to be used with this adaptor, this product is a pair of Extension adapter wires For making connection to your solar Panel Extension cable.