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Roof Rack Solar Panel Van

Our rooftop Rack is practical for mounting solar panels or extending a trailer Roof rails rack, the Rack can be customized to tailor your needs, and we offer both 1 pc and 3 pc solar Panel mounts. Our prices are affordable and our products are excellent for both rvs and trailers.

Roof Rack Solar Panel Van Ebay

This solar Rack is exceptional for use on your rv Van trailer Roof rails racks or any other vehicle with a flat roof, this Rack is likewise available in other sizes such as small and medium. Our crossbars are made of durable materials that will last and are available in a variety of colors to match your vehicle, this solar Panel Rack is splendid for attaching to your rv trailer Roof rails (or any other metal frame), van, or truck. The handsome crossbars are made of heavy-gauge metal and have included hardware to ensure installation, the Rack can hold up to 4 solar panels and is warnom's only surrogate for crossbars for rv trailer Roof rails. This mount is designed to allow the application of solar panels on the Roof of a rv Van trailer, while also providing some stability for the trailer when moving and loaded, the crossbars are 1" wide x 1" tall and are precision-made from a hard anodized aluminum. They are available in a black or white color, and are mounted with hardware included, the crossbars are also available as a single part and can be attached in a number of ways, including using washers and lugs to the Roof of your rv trailer. This Rack is additionally an outstanding addition to each vehicle as it can hold much space for storage and is uncomplicated to order and expect to arrive when you your vehicle.